Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hi old blog!

It's been a couple years since I wrote anything here, and I actually thought I had taken it down, but here it is. When I saw it was still live I considered deleting it because my old writing mostly just embarrasses me, but I think instead I'll spend a little time deleting the old posts that I think are no meaningless/lame/boring, and writing updates on the ones that I still like.

(If I keep feeling the pull to write I'll put up something new. In any case I'll turn off comments and analytics because I feel like they give me the wrong incentive. Analytics make me focus on writing stuff that will get a lot of links, and that usually means petty controversies and things that are generally mean spirited. If comments are on I'll check to see if anyone is commenting, and sometimes I'll let some ass clown ruin my day and/or take the conversation in a direction I don't really feel like going.)

Though I haven't been publishing here I'm actually coming off a week of some wide distribution of my writing. My new hot wife Kestrin and I wrote up a recap of our wedding to go along with the wedding photos that our photographer submitted to blogs and magazines. It was a funny thing to write, since we put it in the third person with quotes from ourselves, but I think it came off pretty well. I measure my own writing on two scales: 1) when I see it later and forget I wrote it, does it make me laugh? 2) Does my sister Flora think it's funny? I haven't asked Flora what she thinks, but this quote made me laugh when I read it in a wedding blog:

As the bride’s limousine was pulling away from her hotel, something magical happened. Kestrin has been obsessed with Star Wars since childhood; when the couple met and fell in love she was wearing one of her 15 hand-made Jedi costumes and wielding a glowing Luke Skywalker replica light saber. Then, as she was on her way to solemnify that love, none other than George Lucas stepped out of the hotel lobby and walked in front of her car.

“His silver hair and beard flew past like a flock of doves released in Kestrin’s honor. George was blessing the union, not with his words, but with his mere presence, and with it flowed the blessings of Han, Lea, Luke and the entire Rebel Alliance.”