Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Beach Boys recordings recunstructed as live performances

A few of my old friends, including my original design mentor Tony Rose (of digitalwave.com), have been working on a cool project over the past few years. It's called Back to the Beach Boys, and the basic concept is to reconstruct Beach Boys recordings as live performances. From the website:
No details were spared to recreate the sounds of the original recordings. Using period correct instruments, the music featured everything from marimbas and accordians to horns and strings...the keyboardist even built what is most likely the only exact replica of Paul Tanner's electro-Theremin that he played on the original “Good Vibrations”...and many of your favorite sci-fi movies!
So if the recording has 5 beach boys singing 3 parts each they need 15 singers to do it live, and if a 1963 Fender guitar played 2 parts and was redoubled in the recording session they need 4 1963 Fender guitars. You get the picture.

Check them out playing Little Saint Nick in somebody's livingroom.


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