Tuesday, June 13, 2006

8 Great things that will happen this friday

Here are 8 Great things that will happen this Friday, June 16 2006. Most of them will happen in San Francisco, CA, USA, though some of them are placeless and will happen everywhere at once.
  1. Jonathan, the author of this blog, will turn 27 years old. I know, I seem older, I have gray hair, I'm way to wise to be so youthful, etc etc. I hid my age for a long time, pretending to be older than I was, and I think 27 is a good age to stop doing that and lay it all out there. It is worth noting that I was born in the 1970's, not the 1980's, and that Carter was still president.

  2. We will celebrate my birthday by gathering at 8pm at Ritual Coffee Roasters on Valencia street. Eileen, from her infinite well of generousity, has invited us to grace her fine establishment for evening coffee. I didn't really want to have a party, but when Eileen mentioned this idea it suddenly sounded fun and I couldn't resist. I really just wanted to sit around the cafe all day anyway.

  3. Eileen (and others?) will attempt to make Spanish Coffee which (like all the good things in life) involves coffee, booze, sugar, and fire.

  4. I will unveil a new art piece. It is the much anticipated Religious Monkey, and it's been in a half-finished state for a while now. Hanging the monkey will technically make this an art opening, giving us permission to force paying customers to move out of the way so we can drink and be loud.

  5. When we start to annoy the paying customers & staff too much we will leave for a nearby bar or houseparty or something. I wouldn't be surprised if we ended up at the Latin American Club, Amnesia, or the Lone Palm, all of which are within a couple blocks. We'll leave a note.

  6. I might be in a terrible mood. I don't much care for holidays, and birthdays almost count as holidays.
    Two things I don't like about birthday parties:
    a) RSVP's. Please don't tell me whether or not you'll be attending. For some reason RSVP's annoy the shit out of me. I'll try to use my 27th year to get over this problem, but for now it's safer to avoid the issue and just show up or not.
    b) singing of the "Happy Birthday" song. I know the whole purpose of a song is to make the birthday person miserable, and I know people will probably do it even though (or because) I hate it, but I'd really prefer if everyone would sing a different song. Anything by Bowie or The White Stripes would be great.

  7. There might be an earthquake. This is always a possibility in our fair city, but someone I was talking to outside the coffee shop swears it's going to happen this week. Consider yourselves warned. I'm going to wear a helmet.

  8. Nacho Libre will premier in theaters. If all goes well, I will be in the 4:40pm show at the Metreon.


Anonymous Ted C said...

My lists are funnier, even though they are old.

11:40 AM, June 16, 2006  
Blogger Jonathan said...

This was the best birthday party ever, if I may say so myself. We spent most of the night parked in the middle of the street eating chicken and drinking in Paul's RV.

Scott Beale posted some excellent photos (as usual) over at http://laughingsquid.com/2006/06/17/jonathan-grubbs-rv-birthday-party-on-valencia-street/

(ALSO: Ted is correct. His lists are funnier. If only he'd put them somewhere we could find them...)

8:37 PM, June 19, 2006  

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