Friday, February 10, 2006

8 Ways I will convince Ted Grubb to move to San Francisco

My cousin (and former co-worker) Ted Grubb is arriving in San Francisco for a week long visit in about 30 minutes, so I’ll have to make this one quick. While he’s here I will convince him that San Francisco is the place to be, not Philadelphia or New York or San Diego.
  1. I’ll show that the startups are here
    Ted is a web/flash developer who has spent the past 5 years working in suburban Philadelphia. That was a fine place to wait out the bust, but boom times are here again and all the good startups are right here, right now.

  2. I’ll take him to the Flickr party tomorrow night
    Adaptive Path, our friendly office mates, are hosting Flickr’s second birthday. What better place to convince a web developer that he is not alone in the world, that there are hundreds or thousands of people geekier than him.

  3. I’ll take him to a party every night of the week
    For some reason this week is full of parties. Flickr, TechCrunch, False Profit, GETV, Pillow Fight, Overlap

  4. I’ll take him to TechCrunch
    The only problem with this idea: all the other startups will poach Ted, and he’ll move here but work for someone else. So all the startups out there: hands off Ted Grubb.

  5. I’ll hire him to work at Rubyred for the week
    We’ve been in business since last summer and still don’t have a website. We’ve been too busy with client work. Ted will build our site and see how much it rocks working here.

  6. I’ll take him on a tour of Silicon Valley
    All you valley dwellers, drop me an email and we’ll stop by and say hi. If nothing else we’ll be at Yahoo for an air hockey face off.

  7. I’ll introduce him to all of you
    You, my friends, are what make San Francisco great. Plus the weather and the food. And all the cool art. And the hills.

  8. I’ll make him famous using my blog
    Ted will be overwhelmed by the fact that everywhere he goes he’ll be a celebrity. “Hey, aren’t you Ted Grubb from Jonathan’s blog?” I set up MeasureMap a few days ago, and I can see that there’s at least a dozen of you reading this.


Anonymous Will said...

Visiting the Bay area can be dangerous. My wife and I came for a weekend visit in 96. A year later we decided to move - but only stay for one year. Somehow that's turned into 8 and counting...

5:34 PM, February 10, 2006  
Anonymous Jon Montenegro said...

LOL, Great stuff Jon. Your "8 ways" obviously has worked.

10:53 AM, February 26, 2006  
Blogger Beulah's Mom said...

This post was from a year ago, and I just met both you and ted recently - happy for both interactions, and glad you convinced old teddy boy to join us in the nucleus of innovation! And tonight, i specifically benefited from his residence in SF to conveniently share a cab ride back to the mission with me! but even more importantly - thanks for bringing out yet another midwestern lad - SF needs more of them! Up with the MW's! ;)


12:47 AM, February 14, 2007  
Anonymous Michael said...

i'm going through a "sales pitch" of my own.

we lived in sunnyvale and then potrero hill for nearly 5 years before msft transferred my wife to seattle...which i loathe. i hate it here and want to get back to sf desperately.

someone please offer my wife a dream job so we can get back there...please.

1:51 PM, May 25, 2007  

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