Thursday, September 15, 2005

Rubyred is a real company

When I told people I was leaving yahoo to start a new company most assume I meant a one-man consultancy, which isn't really a company so much as a scheme to work less and hang out in coffee shops more. That's not the way it is. Although today, my first day at Rubyred, consisted of having coffee, looking at office space, having brunch, hanging at the apple store, and having coffee again. But that second stop is the important for the "real company" discussion: we're getting an office.

I am very very excited. The space is big and bright with tons of windows and skylights. Plus it's near South Park, the epicenter of the dotcom boom/bust and the emerging center of the new boom (like the original boom, except we're actually going making money this time). We'll be co-located with Adaptive Path, which is also pretty exciting.

Another way we're being a real company is by having actual clients, which brings me to the second point: I'm looking for a solid interaction designer with interest or experience designing for mobile devices. Drop me an emal if you'd like to chat: jonathan [at] rubyredlabs [dot] com


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